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Hydromer Inc, Carvacrol Technology is a natural, patented synergistic technology utilizing the natural powers of lecithin with a powerful essential oil preservative that can be incorporated in all aspects of your products including, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Medical and much more!

Carvacrol is a strong antibacterial component present in Essential Oils of Oregano, Thyme, Pepperwort, Wild Marjoram and Wild Bergamot. Carvacrol inhibits the growth of several bacteria, virus, fungi and yeasts and is very low in toxicity with a pleasant natural odor (1,2). 

About Our Patented Technology

Our all natural Carvacrol Technology, developed into two patents, utilizes the extensive knowledge of Carvacrol and applies it to modern day solutions necessary for more natural preservatives.

Our first patent (US 2016/0067159 A1) describes the usage of Carvacrol to benefit Hand Sanitization. This issue came to our attention after the FDA took a closer look at current preservatives used in Antimicrobial Soaps like Triclosan, Quaternary Ammonium and others (5) and banned the use of Triclosan for soaps. We investigated the benefits of Carvacrol and utilized a synergistic effect between natural Carvacrol and a natural surfactant lecithin to show superior wettability that builds a barrier around the hands protecting it against harmful bacteria and viruses - all while showing no harm to the skin (6).

This technology was applied to a variety of emulsifications, syrups, foaming soaps, lotions, sprays and gels. In all cases were able to provide a stable product with the enhanced benefits of the addition of our Carvacrol Technology making it the perfect natural preservative for personal goods.

Our second patent (US 2016/0242428 A1) targeted the preservation efforts currently used for sanitizing meat products. We have been sensitized with this issue through the general scare of the European Union with importing chicken meat from the US. The US poultry industry uses Chlorine to disinfect the meat after it is butchered in the processing factories. This fact has overshadowed trade talks with the EU and the UK (7). Chlorinated Water is used as a cheap and convenient treatment for control of microbial contamination in foods. Chlorine can be very effective against microbes and has shown to be a great disinfectant. However, Chlorine based antimicrobials have several shortcomings. A Consumer Reports study shows that most chickens are contaminated coming through the slaughter process line (8). The Chlorinated water bath becomes a cesspool that contaminates the chickens in the production line (9). Studies made and tests with Chlorine have linked it to several health risks and found Chlorine to be highly toxic(10). We applied our Carvacrol Technology in the same way as the Chlorine, in a bath form, and have shown superior and longer lasting protection (up to 10X) all while exposing the chicken only to an essential oil and natural surfactant. Making the process safe and secure for the product and the consumer. We tested this product also on surfaces that get in contact with meat and have shown very good results when sprayed, washed, dipped or submerged in our solution. We put together two great presentations to outline the technology:

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